Clinical Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach and Master NLP Practitioner

Hear From Some Of Tim’s Patients

The following are just a few of the testimonials that patients have provided following their sessions with Tim Raja. If you would like to discuss your needs with Tim then please contact him by clicking here.

I was sceptical about hypnotherapy at first, but wanted to try instead of using prescription drugs to treat anxiety. After only a few sessions with Tim I felt a lot more confident in my self and my ability to deal with my issues. Would highly recommend seeing Tim for help with anxiety and stress. Money well spent!


I contacted Tim to help me lose weight as I needed to lose quite a bit. I chose the virtual gastric band programme and have so far lost 3st 7 lbs and counting. Amazing.


Went to Tim to stop smoking, I had tried patches, gum, cold turkey with no success. Only had two sessions and now 8 months free of smoking, no real withdrawl pangs, so easy. Thank you.


Tim is a really nice person. Very professional and made me feel at ease and comfortable. I’ve looked forward to my meetings with Tim.


I wanted to say with all my heart, thank you for helping me on this journey. I am not sure if I could have done this without you and your incredible practice. I definitely would not have found it this easy to do. With your help not only have I quit, but I have done it with such ease and lack of anger, hunger and all the horrible things that come from getting rid of an addiction. 


I can not explain how Tim has changed my life. I was a really heavy smoker who was addicted. Two sessions later non smoker, complete different outlook on life and I wake up every morning now looking forward to a longer future.


What can I say… I have spent years holding on to my anxiety and guilt over something that happened a long time ago, I couldn’t process what happened… Then I met Tim, within a few visits I found myself feeling so much better!! I wasn’t reliving things I didn’t need to anymore!! Tim and EMDR is the best thing I’ve done for myself!



I went to Tim looking for help with the constant picking of my fingernails and the skin around them. As I edge towards my mid-thirties I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. Whether I noticed it or not, I’d always continue. I tried the creams, the fidget cubes, the stuff you put on your nails to make them taste bitter and all of it never worked.

I came to Tim with an open mind on hypnotherapy and had 5 weekly sessions in Oxford. I’ve since had to learn how to use nail clippers. My fingers look so much tidier and healthier. Tim took what is essentially an addiction and broke it down for me, helping me become aware of what I was doing and overcome it. The only thing I’d change is that I wish I’d met Tim sooner

Philip Morby

Tim put me at ease straight away. Having never thought about hypnosis for weight control I must say it’s working 9lbs in 4 weeks and not a diet plan in sight


I cannot recommend Tim enough. His calming tone of voice relaxed me instantly. Tim helped me overcome
procrastination and achieve a goal I doubted possible plus gain valuable insight into myself.


Living with arachnophobia can be quite debilitating. I would panic just from seeing a spider, or even touching a spiderweb. After a couple of sessions with Tim, I can now be in nature and not worry anymore, seeing a spider in my house is not an issue either.

Tim is very dedicated, professional and has a very soothing voice. I felt completely safe to let Tim help me. Hypnosis has transformed my fear. Thank you Tim.


I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Tim. I was suffering tremendously with social anxiety and panic attacks which were having a real impact on my life. Tim was so understanding and after 5 sessions I feel like a new person with so much more confidence. I can’t thank him enough.


I would highly recommend Tim to anybody, he has literally changed my life and I can not thank him enough.


‘People do not come into therapy to change their past but their future’.

Milton Erickson