Past Life Regression (PLR)

 PLR is a technique in hypnotherapy that seeks to recover memories from a past life
or lives that may help explain how you have become who you are now and to use
these understandings or events from a previous existence to get to the root cause of
issues in the present that may be affecting the client.

Others may use PLR as a journey of discovery to explore themselves beyond this lifetime. Three quarters of the worlds population believe that there is life after death so to want to explore this thought process is perfectly understandable.

A practitioner does not perform hypnotherapy on a client. PLR along with other
hypnotherapy programs are an active therapy where the client will interact with the
practitioner throughout the process. Clients will be able to recall events using all of
their senses as if present in the memory or event but at the same time as being
totally safe. Observing rather than reliving any memory.

By examining the experiences from a previous existence, the hypnotherapist can
help connect their client’s current issues to a past life. The aim is that by undergoing
this therapeutic process, a client will be able to make connections that you were
unable to before – perhaps finally providing you with some explanation, or a sense of
internal peace.

It is impossible to predict what you will experience during regression therapy, as
everyone experiences it differently. Some clients may see glimpses of several past
lives, whilst others may delve into one in more detail, or discover repressed
memories from their current lifetime. Every individual is unique therefore everyone’s experience of past life regression therapy will be equally unique.

It is normal to feel unsure about where your memories will have come from or
wonder if you have made them up. But, as you become more comfortable with the
process, these doubts will often fade. As your hypnotherapist I will never lead a client in any way as this could result in false memories which would be totally counter productive.

PLR is frequently linked to reincarnation. Claims have been made that a belief (or at
least an openness) in the existence of reincarnation is the greatest predictor of
reporting memories of past lives. In other words, it is thought that individuals who are sceptics or disbelievers are less likely to report such memories.

PLR therapy is typically considered to be advantageous in helping people to explore
a spiritual path and it is rapidly gaining recognition as a type of spiritual healing.
Whether you follow a religion or not, it is thought that by experiencing yourself as a
being in another lifetime enables you to gain a profound awareness that you are
more than a physical body.

My Values & Beliefs

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I Believe That EMDR Is The Quickest And Most Effective Method To Treating Trauma

Before I became a practitioner in EMDR I wanted to help people suffering from all types of trauma. Having found a way that is quick and precise, I trained extensively to deliver this method to help those who are in greater need than myself.

I Will Always Champion People Who Wish To Seek Help

Seeking help in itself is a daunting task to those with mental issues. I will never, ever, put a person down for seeking my help, or help in general. I will instill confidence and praise in my patients that go beyond their treatment as a personal goal, not a professional one.

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