Pain Management

Pain is one of the greatest burdens in modern society. Whilst pain can be helpful, as it alerts us to a potential problem, it can remain long after medical help has been sought.

Recent research shows that 28 million people in the UK are living with chronic pain, triple the number experts had presumed, say researchers in a recent BMJ report who worked out the new estimate by searching thousands of medical studies to find the best available data to quantify the burden.

By their calculations, between a third and half of UK adults experience pain that lasts for more than three months. And, with an ageing population, they predict the toll will rise in the future.


Stress and anxiety are common side effects of pain and can even make the sensation feel worse. The way the mind responds to pain also links to the perception of physical sensations; when we are in pain our bodies tense up. This serves only to exacerbate the situation, continuing the cycle of stress, tension, fear and, ultimately, even more pain. Helping to reduce stress and change the thought patterns related to pain can make a significant difference to pain perception.

Whatever our pain or its cause, there is hope. Seeking physical treatment to address a physical problem is a necessary first step to help with pain’s many symptoms. Once we have done this there may still be pain, which can then be helped by engaging the brain in the right way, using the healing potential of our own mind. Inside each of us is the ability to successfully manage our pain and reduce associated discomfort. We might simply need help tapping into that potential. With a reduction in pain, we are better able to live life in the way our inner potential suggests we ought to. We can:

  • Increase our mobility
  • Gain control over the way we think and feel
  • Experience a renewed sense of freedom and strength


How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can achieve results in the management, reduction and alleviation of pain. Rather than being convinced that our pain does not exist, the aim is to manage any fear and anxiety we may have relating to it. Hypnotherapy also helps to reduce stress and relax the nervous system to help it become less reactive to pain. Results can really transform client’s quality of life. 

If you are living with the burden of pain then contact me today to discuss how I can help you transform your life.



My Values & Beliefs

My Work Must Bring Positive Changes

I aim for the greater good and treating paitents with EMDR is my way of doing so. I will never force upon a person a negative experience and I will make an extreme amount of effort to not do so.

I Believe That EMDR Is The Quickest And Most Effective Method To Treating Trauma

Before I became a practitioner in EMDR I wanted to help people suffering from all types of trauma. Having found a way that is quick and precise, I trained extensively to deliver this method to help those who are in greater need than myself.

I Will Always Champion People Who Wish To Seek Help

Seeking help in itself is a daunting task to those with mental issues. I will never, ever, put a person down for seeking my help, or help in general. I will instill confidence and praise in my patients that go beyond their treatment as a personal goal, not a professional one.

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“Needing help doesn’t have a look, but asking for it is always beautiful”

Brittany Burgunder