Stress is a common symptom of modern life that afflicts many people at some point, especially relationship or work-related stress.

Sometimes the stress lasts for just for a short period of time and is triggered by particular circumstances. When those circumstances change the stress then subsides, however, sometimes this stress becomes prolonged and lasts beyond the circumstances or the circumstances are not going to change in the short term, for example work related stress or perhaps coping with the illness of a loved one.  This is when you need to learn how to cope with the stress in your life in a different way or the stress can start to be all encompassing and start to control your life.

Sometimes you can become overwhelmed by everything going on in your life not just the immediate circumstances you believed was causing the stress.

Initially the stress may just make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or perhaps irritable, but if allowed to continue untreated then more serious symptoms can develop which can have a serious effect on your life limiting how you are able to function sometimes even the simplest of task let alone more demanding ones. This can lead to long term illnesses and time off work.

Although everyone experiences stress in their own way, typical symptoms of can include

  • depressed mood and sometimes fearfulness
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • sleep disturbance
  • loss of energy
  • Heightened emotions
  • Lack of motivation
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • loss of pleasure or interest in usual activities
  • difficulties in thinking or concentrating
  • negative thinking or forecasting the future
  • Stomach problems such as IBS, constipation and various food sensitivities 


Some of the symptoms can be treated specifically – insomnia, weight loss or gain and lack of concentration are examples.

Often people with stress self-medicate with alcohol, drugs or cigarette smoking which then develop into problems themselves.

If stress is having a negative impact on your life it is your responsibility to learn how to do things differently and when you do learn these strategies they will not only change your life for the better for good but give you the tools for improving your quality of life, performance at work and relationships.

With appropriate hypnotherapy, stress is one of the most treatable conditions with long term strategies for how to avoid ever falling into the stress trap again.

So please do not continue to suffer but let me help you understand what is causing your stress and using Hypnotherapy relieve you of the burden.

My Values & Beliefs

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I aim for the greater good and treating paitents with EMDR is my way of doing so. I will never force upon a person a negative experience and I will make an extreme amount of effort to not do so.

I Believe That EMDR Is The Quickest And Most Effective Method To Treating Trauma

Before I became a practitioner in EMDR I wanted to help people suffering from all types of trauma. Having found a way that is quick and precise, I trained extensively to deliver this method to help those who are in greater need than myself.

I Will Always Champion People Who Wish To Seek Help

Seeking help in itself is a daunting task to those with mental issues. I will never, ever, put a person down for seeking my help, or help in general. I will instill confidence and praise in my patients that go beyond their treatment as a personal goal, not a professional one.

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Brittany Burgunder